Saturday, August 1, 2015

3rd. Seminar on "Sciences, Pseudo-Sciences & Pseudo-Scientific Therapies"

Introduction: Are science and religion irreconcilable rivals? Or, are two ways of viewing reality? If so, one complements the other? In this seminar we will see what religion and science say regarding their view of the universe, life, man and his health.

Thursday, August 6, 7-9 pm: Science versus Religion?
-Mario Arroyo (Doctor of Philosophy, Pontifical University of the Holy Cross)
-Luis Piscoya Hermoza (Doctor of Education and Doctor of Philosophy, UNMSM)

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Thursday, August 13, 7-9 pm: Big Bang or Creation of the Universe?
Donald Kennedy Smith (PhD in Theological Education, Central American Theological Seminary, and Rector, University Evangelical Seminary of Lima).

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Thursday, August 20, 7-9 pm: Evolution or Creation of Man?
-Elizabeth Torres Ramdath (Psychologist, University of San Martin de Porres, and Bach. in Theology, Biblical Seminary of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Peru), Coordinator of the Answers in Genesis Ministry- Peru
-Luis Arbaiza (Biologist -Geneticist, UNMSM)

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Thursday, August 27, 7-9 pm: Faith healing or Scientific Medicina?

-Eduardo Buenaventura (Holistic therapist, Good Health Institute)

Vasquez Cubas (Medical-infectologist, UNMSM)

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Thursday, September 3, 7-9 pm: Do we think because we have a soul or a brain?
-Artidoro Caceres Velasquez (Physician-surgeon, Neurologist, University of Paris; Neuropsychologist, Ecole des Hautes Etudes Sorbonne; MD, Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia)

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Place: Casona de San Marcos,  Av. Nicolás de Piérola 1222, Parque Universitario, Lima Downtown.

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