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HUMANIST AND RATIONALIST NEWS FROM PERU (January-July 2014): Report of the activities of various Peruvian Humanist, Secularist, Skeptic and Atheist groups.

-Protest lie-in and march
January 18: Lie-in and red carpet against religious preaching that confines women as mother. Organised by Feminist Movement of Peru at the entrance of the Dibós Coliseum in Lima.
March 6: March for the legalization of abortion. Starting point outside Bolivar Hotel, Lima.

-Talks and video forums in the Red Owl Cultural Center:
January 8: Meeting of coordinating activities with the associated and supporters.
January 22: "How are emotions and feelings constructed?". Speaker: Henry Llanos Chilet, student from the National University of Engineering, Lima.
January 29: "The Human and the Inhuman in man". Speaker: Mariano Querol, physician-psychiatrist.
February 5: "Monotheism: Arguments, origins and implications" by Nick Sarmiento, atheist cyber- activist.
February 12: Discussion about love.
February 19: Video forum "The Genius of Charles Darwin" by Richard Dawkins.
February 26: Video forum "Giordano Bruno".
March 5: "How are emotions and feelings
constructed?. Part.2 ". Speaker: Henry Llanos.
March 26 Is it possible an ethics without religion? by Militza Johnson, a lawyer from the University Inca Garcilaso de la Vega, Lima.
March 12: "Science vs Religion" by Hugo Castillo, lecturer at the National University of Engineering, Lima.
March 19: Video forum "The Genius of Charles Darwin" (Part 2) by Richard Dawkins
-Talk in the District of Comas:
April 19: "The Proofs of the existence of God (and their refutation)" by Manuel Paz y Miño, philosopher fromt the National Major University of San Marcos
-Presentations at the Faculty of Arts from the National Major University of San Marcos (UNMSM):
May 14: "A Materialist analysis of the (in) existence of God." Speaker: Luis Del Castillo Gamboa, Physicist, and Atheist activist from UNMSM..
May 21: "Materialist analysis of Jesus and Christ." Speaker: Luis Del Castillo.
July 18: "The Death from the Materialistic point of view" by Dr. Carlos Alvarado de Pierola, Philosopher and Professor from the UNMSM and Ricardo Palma University (URP).

Hugo Castillo

Carlos Alvarado

-Lecture in the National University Federico Villarreal (UNFV)
May 29: "Peruvian State: Secular or religious?" Manuel Paz y Miño, philosopherfrom the National Major University of San Marcos. Organized by the Department and School of Philosophy (UNFV) from the National Major University of San Marcos
January 16: "On the Existence of the Christian God." Nick Sarmiento (atheist) vs. Orlando Pagan (believer) in Google Plus. Copy at:
February 3: "On Christ: Does the resurrection of Jesus have a historical foundation ?". Nick Sarmiento vs. Orlando Pagan on Youtube:
May 29: "On the Existence of the Christian God." Dr. Donald Smith, rector of the Evangelical Seminary of Lima and Lic. Luis del Castillo, Professor of Physics, UNMSM, in UNMSM's Telematics Auditorium.

Nick Sarmiento

Donald Smith and Luis del Castillo

-Election of the new Board of the APERAT 
On Saturday May 9 were elected as Board membersfor the term 2014-15 the chemical engineering student Henry Llanos Chilet (Chairman), the publicist Jorge Panfichi (VP) and the student of engineering of systems Billy Rondon (Secretary-Treasurer).
Henry Llanos Chilet (President)

Jorge Panfichi (Vice-President)

Billy Rondon (Secretary-Treasurer)

-APERAT's Press Releases
January 24: On the purposes of the APERAT as movement not subscribed to any political party.
February 16: On the defamations against APERAT of homophobia and protection of pedophiles and neo-Nazis.

-9 February: Release of the booklet What Is Secular Humanism? by Paul Kurtz, American Philosopher Secular Humanist, 40 pp.
-15 July: Round table "The Secular Humanism of Paul Kurtz" with Manuel Paz y Miño, philosopher and ethicist, Victor Garcia-Belaunde, psychologist and ethicist, and Humberto Hernandez Quispe, philosopher.

 Cover of the Spanish version of What Is Secular Humanism?

Paul Kurt  

Friday, January 24, 2014


Public activities of the Peruvian Atheist Association  (APERAT)

-Lectures and talks at the “Red Owl” Cultural Center:
"What is Secular Humanism?" With Helmut Kessel and Victor Andres Garcia Belaunde, president and CEO respectively of Secular and Humanist Society of Peru: Wednesday August 7.
"Secular humanismin Norway" with Gisele O'Connor, Peruvian atheist activist: Wednesday 14 August.
"The Gospels: Cross & Fiction" with Ivan Antezana, president of APERAT period 2012-13: Wednesday 28 August.
"Skepticism and Atheism": Wednesday 4 September.
"Atheist Library: What books to read to start opening their eyes": Wednesday 11 and 18 September.
"The Vatican, inc.: Some data not public" with Ivan Antezana: Wednesday October 2.
"Newtonmas" with Jose Luis Herrera, Vice-President elect APERAT: Wednesday 18 December.

Gisele O'Connor (with a coat)

José Luis Herrera (with a tie)

--Lectures at the National University of San Marcos Faculty of Arts (Lima):
"Atheists in the XIV National Congress of Philosophy" with Carmen Zavala, Doriss Vera, Ivan Antezana, José Luis Herrera, José Maúrtua, Luis Arbaiza Escalante, Manuel Paz y Miño: Tuesday 20 - Thursday 22 August 2013
"The Historical Jesus in the dock" with Ivan Antezana: Wednesday 25 and Thursday 26 September.

-New video-interview from APERAT’s Channel:
Interview with Ivan Antezana, president of APERAT period 2012-13, which addresses issues such as: Atheism in Peru, the beliefs of atheists, the historical evidence for Jesus' existence, etc.:

 Iván Antezana

-Election of the new Board of Directors of the APERAT:
On Thursday December 13 were elected as members of the Board, 2013-14: the Physician-psychiatrist Mariano Querol (Chairman), teacher of mathematics and philosophy student José Luis Díaz Herrera (Vice President) and literate and teacher Doriss Vera (Secretary-Treasurer).

Mariano Querol  (President)   

José Luis Herrera (Vice President) 

 Doriss Vera (Secretary-Treasurer)

-Pronouncements of APERAT:
On the case of pedophilia attributed to Gabino Miranda Melgarejo, September 25
About Catholic fanatics intend to close the exhibition "A street body" at the Museum of Art and the Spanish Cultural Center of Lima: December 22 (leafleting, 6 pm).

Activities of Applied Philosophy Editions (EFA)

-Sale in the Book Fair Ricardo Palma 2013 at Salazar Park from Miraflores, Sunday, October 27-Tuesday, November 5.
-Presentation of Manuel A. Paz y Miño: "Ethical Approaches to the State-Church in Peru" at the Third National Congress of Political Science at the National University of San Marcos, Lima, Thursday, 7 November.
-Interview with Manuel A. Paz y Miño on both paranormal and supernatural claims in Diana Durante's program “Beyond the Rainbow” in Radio Union, 9:15 pm, November 10.
-Presentation of Manuel A. Paz y Miño: "Ethical Approaches to the State-Church in Peru" at the International Interdisciplinary Congress on Philosophy “Religion-Politics & Philosophy” in Cordoba, Argentina, November 14.

Manuel Paz y Miño (with a tie)


What is Paranormal and why it attracts us?: August 19
The Saint Rose of Lima case. Holiness or mental illness?: August 26
Ghosts: Is there any of them in reality or in our minds: September 3
True lies : Does  polygraph work?: September 9
UFOs and Alien invasion: Myth or truth? September 16
Is there a soul? Are splits and astral travel real: September 23
Is witchcraft  real ? Suggestion or occult powers?: September 30
Does astrology and tarot work to see the future?: October 7
Is homosexuality a disease: October 14
The Secret: Is the law of attraction scientific?: October 21
Is veganism good for health? Paleolithic or vegan diet?: October 28
Is abortion a crime or a dogmatic prejudice?: November 4
Did Jesus exist? Is there historical evidence?: November 11
Does Quantum healing work?: November 18
Is clairvoyance real? : November 26
Is the power of mediums real?: December 2
Is mentalism and psychic translation real?: December 9
Are contacts with aliens real?: December 16
Did Jesus exist? (part 2): December 23
Is possible to "predict" the future?: December 30


-In Diana Durante's program "Beyond the Rainbow" on Radio Union, 9:15 pm:
July 14: Debate on gay adoption with Helmut Kessel and Victor Andres Garcia Belaunde, president and CEO respectively of SSHP
August 11: Are there aliens? Can we believe in UFOs? With Victor.
September 15: Victor talked about celibacy.
December 22: What do unbelievers believe in? With Victor.
-July 12: Article "The fears and prejudices of Congress" by Congressman Carlos Bruce (fee associated of SSHP) on the law of hate crimes in Express: -on-brick-133 #. UeAw2drsSdE.facebook-July 12: Interview with Victor about extraterrestrial life, cosmos and its natural evolution, the development of human beings and intelligence, etc.. in the program “Conversations with Eduardo Manuel Forehand Hoyle” (La Mula TV).
-August 5: What is secular humanism? With Helmut and Victor in APERAT .
-August 21: Discussion on LGBT rights in politics with Carlos Bruce and Helmut Kessel on political party APRA's headquarters.
-September 16: In N Channel's d6A9n program there was an interview with Maribel Reyes (Red LGBT) and Helmut on gay civil partnership law.
-September 19: At 91.1 Radio San Borja F. M. Helmut Kessel was interviewed as co-author of the proposed gay civil partnership law.
-October 10: Debate between Victor and psychiatrist René Flores in Paranormals at Night radio program: Is homosexuality a disease? Are sexual reorientation therapies effective?
-October 19: Helmut Kessel in an interview in the international journal Cosas, as co-author of the Gay Civil Partnership Law in collaboration with Carlos Bruce.
-8 November: Exhibition of Victor as a professor at the Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola: Do we have the right to change human nature?:
-November 11-15: Victor was at the International Congress of Philosophy, Politics and Religion in Cordoba, Argentina.
-November 26: Helmut, co-author of the Gay Civil Partnership Law and advisor to Congressman Carlos Bruce, made in Trujillo a presentation about:
-December 7: Report of the Gay Civil Partnership Law in Buzzfeed: “The Congressman, The Cardinal, And The Peruvian Closet”:
-December 18: Talk by Bruce and Helmut with Carlos in Iquitos on the Civil Union, Act.
-December 20: Press release of the SSHP sent to Lima Metropolitan Council, members of Congress and the mainstream media, with respect to the Anti-Discrimination Ordinance proposed by the Municipality of Lima, in relation to an incident days ago: http:/ /
-December 26: Press release of the SSHP: on an article published in El Comercio Dialy on science and the existence of God:

Helmut Kessel

Diana Durante, Helmut Kessel & Víctor García-Belaúnde