Monday, August 26, 2013


Public activities of the Peruvian Atheist Association  (APERAT)

-Lectures and talks at the “Red Owl” Cultural Center:
"Magic and Miracles" with Aurelio Miní: Friday March 1.
"What does it mean to be an Atheist today in Peru?" with Ivan Antezana: Friday March 8.
"Beyond Atheism" with Manuel Paz y Miño: Friday March 15.
"Jesus of Nazareth: A mythical or historical character?": Friday March 22.
"Pope Francis I and the future of Latin America" with Aurelio Miní: Saturday 30 March.
"Sex, Religion and Atheism": Friday April 4.
"Economics, Religion and Atheism": Thursday April 11.
"Jesus, historical fraud" with Ivan Antezana: Thursday 16 and May 30.
"In the context of the secular state, does blasphemy is against respect and freedom?" With Doriss Vera: Friday June 8.
"Religious discrimination in favor of the Catholic Church in Peru" with Manuel Paz y Miño: Wednesday June 19.
"Atheistic ethics" with Carmen Zavala: Wednesday June 26.
"It has no name" with Aurelio Miní: Wednesday July 3.
"Abortion": Wednesday July 17.
"Homosexual Rights" with George Liendo PROMSEX: Wednesday July 24.

-Lecture at the Universidad Nacional Federico Villarreal:
"The right to blasphemy" with Doriss Vera: Thursday July 4.
Iván Antezana
 Carmen Zavala
Aurelio Miní
George Liendo
Doriss Vera

-Article published in the newspaper El Comercio
"To take off your hat" by Ivan Antezana: Friday May 3, p. 18.

-Debate in the National University of San Marcos (UNMSM):
"Is there a God or not?" with Luis Arbaiza (atheist, author of the books Thecnetos and Thecnetos II, teacher in UNMSM) vs. Dante Urbina (theist, author of unpublished book "Does God exist?", teacher in UNMSM): Friday May 10, organized jointly with the Student Center of Philosophy (CEF). Video at:

 Luis Arbaiza (left) debating with Dante Urbina (right)

-New video-interview in the APERAT’s Channel:
Dr. Hector Guillen addresses issues such as sects in Peru, their influence on our legal system, the importance of setting fully a secular state, the management of sexuality and pedophilia within the Catholic Church and others:

Héctor Guillén

Activities of Applied Philosophy Editions (EFA)

A talk at the Essalud Hospital of Ica:
"Psychology of Religion" with Manuel Paz y Miño: Saturday, May 4.

Presentation of the book “Believers, non-Believers and Religion course in Peru” by Manuel Paz y Miño:
Wednesday April 3rd: Cervantes Auditorium of the Faculty of Humanities and Modern Languages​​, Ricardo Palma University. Presented by: Álvaro Revolledo, Saby Lazarte and Carlos Alvarado.

Álvaro Revolledo

Saby Lazarte

Carlos Alvarado

Manuel Paz y Miño

Thursday 18 April: “Red Owl” Cultural Center. Presented by: Ivan Antezana and Aurelio Miní.
Wednesday, 8 May: University of Sciences and Humanities Cultural Center. Presented by: Rodrigo Montoya, Luis Solis and Ivan Antezana.
Wednesday 12 June: Auditorium of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, UNMSM. Presented by: Alvaro Revolledo, Manuel Gongora and Ivan Antezana.

Activity at the "Red Owl" Cultural Center 

-Presentation of the book Chronicles of Augustín Agurto in San Tagastín by José Maúrtua: Friday June 21.