Tuesday, June 2, 2009


An European lectures' tour with Manuel Abraham Paz y Miño, a Peruvian lecturer, and humanist and skeptical activist

Presentation: "The paranormal claims in Peruvian mass media"
Hosting group: European Students' Forum-AEGEE-Linköping
Date: June 9 at 18.30 h.
Place: Auditorium Key 1, K house, Campus Valla, Linköping University.
Contact Person: Aslam Muhammad: mmaslamlali@gmail.com

Presentation: "The paranormal claims in Peruvian mass media"
Hosting group: Society for the Scientific Study of Parascience-Berlin Skeptics
Date: June 12 at 19.00 h.
Place: Leonhardt Restaurant, Stuttgarter Platz 21/corner to Windscheidstr., Berlin-Charlottenburg.
Contact Person: Angela and Thomas Andersen: andersen@gwup.org

Presentation: "Religion and Humanism in Peru"
Hosting group: South Place Ethical Society
Date: June 21 at 15.00 h.
Place: Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, Bloomsbury, London
Contact Person: Norman Bacrac: bacrac@fsmail.net

Presentation: "Is there any religious discrimination in Peru?"
Hosting group: Latinoamerican Encounters
Date: June 21 at 18.00 h.
Place: South Bank Centre, Royal Festival Hall Level 3, Blue Side, Door A, London.
Contact Person: Claudio Chipana: claudiochipana@yahoo.com


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These lectures' tour is dedicated in loving memory of:
Markus Grimm
(1981 – 2009)

a German Humanist and Skeptic,
and extraordinary friend

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